Useful Purchases in our First 3 Months!

My new favourite hobby is shopping. I had a problem before, but now even my neighbour has commented on how many parcels I get delivered ūüė¨ For all you new mums out there, here are some items that were useful for us. All babies are different, so what works for some, may not work for others. By no means am I an expert and I’d love to hear what worked & didn’t for you.


We started off with a Moses basket but Emily was having none of it! Dan didn’t want me to buy a sleepyhead as he said it was too much money. Funny, when you get no sleep you are willing to pay anything for a nights sleep. So after 3 nights of no sleep, he caved and told me to order it and try it. For the first week the sleepyhead was in our bed. Then we decided it was time for a crib. The Chico next to me was expensive but made me feel at ease knowing I could see her. At first we attached it to the bed. At 9 weeks I was ready to put the sides up. Sleeping Bags are also a god send! Emily didn’t go into hers until about 4 weeks, but you can buy newborn ones which are smaller from JoJo Maman Bebe.

Chicco Crib Next To Me Р£169 from John Lewis.

Sleepy Head Р£120 from John Lewis

Sleeping Bags (recommend buying 2) Р£15 Mamas & Papas

Monitor Р£114.99 Motorola Video Camera from Argos

Ewen the Sheep – ¬£29.99 Amazon Prime (Now this didn’t work for us, but really worked for a few friends).

Night Light Р£13.99 Amazon Prime (Good for Night feeds)


The pain when you first start breastfeeding is tough! It’s not as easy as NCT make out so be prepared. At about 8 weeks the pain stoped for me and it became a litter easier. Right from the start, I expressed and Emily had 1 expressed bottle a night. It made me feel more comfortable knowing how much she had. Plus it’s really nice to get Dan involved. At about 10 weeks we introduced a formula feed at night time as it seems to fill her up more which means more sleep for me! ūüėÄūüĎćūüŹĽ

Lanolin Р£10 Any pharmacy/supermarket. This cream really does help soothe your nipples. Everyone I have spoken to found it useful.

Munchkin Latch Bottles – ¬£14.95 Amazon Prime ¬†( We started with Teat 2, as Teat 1 was too slow) Great bottles for breast fed babies. Emily wouldn’t take tommee tippee which are a much cheaper alternative.

Sterilising Bags Р£10 Amazon Prime (when you only need to do 1 bottle a night , this option is way quicker)

Medala Pump Р£99.99 Amazon Prime (you can also get a double pump which is quicker)

Perfect Prep Machine Р£59.99 Amazon Prime (only needed for formula)

Storage Bags – for milk

Breast Feeding Pads – Any pharmacy/supermarket

Rocking Feeding Chair – ? I borrowed this from a friend.

Washing & Changing

First few weeks we just used cotton wool and water.We started bathing Emily twice a week after a few weeks. Then about 8 weeks everynight, but more so for the routine. We didn’t use any products until about 10 weeks and now we use them every other bath. Things like clothes (you’ll want newborn & 0-3 months), nail scissors, change mat, Nappy bags, sudacrem, cotton wool balls etc are standard.

Pampers Premium Protection – I tried Tesco, Aldi & Sainsburys and pampers were the best for me.

Yippie Toes Bath Р£13.99 Amazon prime It still took me 8 weeks to let go of her.

Water Wipes Р£17 Amazon Prime (buy in bulk.)

Childs¬†Farm Sensitive Baby Wash – ¬£3.99 Any supermarket or Pharmacy (Apparently Johnson & Johnson shouldn’t be used on newborns because it has chemicals in??)

Tommee Tippee Bath Thermometer – ¬£9.99 Amazon Prime (I didn’t buy one until recently, & everytime I bathed her I worried the tempreture wasn’t right. This just eases my mind. It also shows room tempreture.)

Non Bio washing powder & Comfort Pure fabric softener .

Grape Seed Oil Р£5.99 Holland & Barrett. Great for baby massage & dry skin .

Dentinox (For cradle cap) – This was recommended to me, but I’m yet to find someone who sticks it. I’ve tried everywhere.

Change Bag Р£65 Jojo Maman Bebe. Get a back pack one , sooo much easier.

Braun Thermoscan 7 Р£38.99 Amazon Prime

Toys / Development

First 8 Weeks they don’t do much and we really let Emily do as she wished. By 8 weeks Emily really started enjoying the toys people had bought her. In hindsight I would have done more tummy time early on as we struggled with it to start with.

Tummy Time Roller Р£14.99 mothercare (OMG РAmazing! Really helps neck & chest strength. Tummy time is much more enjoyable.)

Soft Toy & Rattle Р£7.27 Amazon Prime

Playmat – we got given this, but I recommend one that goes in a triangle at the top.

Wrist & Feet Rattles Р£12.99 Amazon Prime

Sensory Light – (Present)

Bouncing Chair – Mamas & Papas

Baby Mobile – We didn’t get one because I was scared of it being over her. Big mistake! I’m getting one this week. Get one that can hooks on car seat and play Matt.

Baby Sparks App Р£22 for the year (gives you development information & activities to do every day)


Car Seat Р£ Isofix , Maxicosi  (From a family member)

Mirror for car (Present)

Pram Р£450 Bugaboo (2nd hand, from Facebook sight. However it was a friend of a friend, so we knew it was in good condition)

I’m sure as soon as I post this I’ll think of other stuff, but for now I hope this helps new mums X

Dear Emily, (4-8 Weeks)

To be honest not a lot really happens during this time. I thought by now , I’d be back doing exercise and you’d be taking interest in stuff… Yeah right, you don’t even like being put down. All these toys are wasted on you, as you’re just not interested in anything other than cuddles. You are really clever though as you know exactly when mummy & daddy are eating because you wake up and want food too. And forget a feeding routine, you’re the boss in this household and what you want goes!

We are however trying to get you in a sleep routine, because humans can’t live on 2hrs sleep. At about 5 weeks you were ready for a sleeping bag , which is by far the best thing we have bought. Since being in it you sleep from 11-3, 4-7am. It also helps that I express about 140ml of milk, which knocks you out. Although I quickly learnt not to be smug about anything because nothing lasts. For about 3 weeks I thought mummy was in charge – but don’t worry you soon put me in my place!

The only thing Mummy is in charge of is worrying. On journeys over 20 minutes I’m a bit of a worrier, I end up pulling over and check you’re still breathing. Never thought I’d worry about things like that. I can’t even bath you on my own (you love baths by the way) as it’s tricky to splash water and hold you. ¬†Turns out I’m also a bit emotional when it comes to you. I went out for the first time at 6 weeks and left you with grandma, and I actually cried! I was only gone 3 hours. I would have royally taken the mickey out of one of my friends for doing that.

We had your 6 week check up! Who knew that you had criteria you had to pass?? Apparently you’re meant to smile, follow things and have a stronger neck. You failed all of the above, & to top it off you have a big head!? So we are being referred to Worthing hospital. The same week you puked up blood, I’ve never been so authoritative with a doctors receptionist. Turns out it’s common and was your stomach lining, it went the same day with some medicine.

Until next time x



Aftermath of Birth

So your pregnant for 9 months (or there about), go through labour and have a new born to content with. On top of all of this, your body feels like you have gone 10 rounds with Tyson Fury.

There were things that I was excited about …(I’m 10 weeks on and still no chance)

  • Sleeping on my front. – unfortunately my boobs had other ideas.
  • Getting out of bed without rolling sideways.- I can’t even¬†get off the floor without help.
  • Loosing weight and¬†getting¬†my stomach back. – ¬†You guessed it no chance!!!

I think I had unrealistic expectations.

To top it all off, 5 weeks after giving birth¬†I suffered a prolapse. The midwife says ‘are you doing your pelvic floor?’ you smile and say yeah of course, do it once and then forget.. I had been on a long walk in Brighton and all of a sudden¬†I felt a drop down below…. The reason why I am writing this, is because when it happened I felt so alone, I had never heard of anyone else this had happened to. I put off going to the doctors for nearly a week, because I was scared and embarrassed.¬†No one talks about the downstairs area, and yet the poor bugger goes through a hell of a lot it deserves to be spoken about. People ask you how you’re recovering and you just smile and say yeah fine. No one expects you to say, ‘oh yeah actually my vagina fell out’. When I first found out, I of course googled it and oh my god I needed a hysterectomy! Google is not my friend when it comes to medical conditions. I won’t get into detail, but if this happens to you and you want to talk, do contact me. With exercises you can reverse the prolapse, so don’t leave it too long before seeking help.

Its hard to know if you are doing your pelvic floor exercises right, so here is what I got from the doctors.IMG_6438.JPG


Dear Emily,


Well your first month has been a learning curve. First of all I have no idea how people with 2+ children do it! You don’t give me longer than 3 minutes to shower or even have a poo! This is my excuse for having hairerier legs than your dad. You will not be put down, you love cuddles too much, but as your so cute I’ll let you off. I tried putting you in a sling but that didn’t work, your head is too floppy. Although, when you do sleep longer than 5 minutes I panic, check you are breathing and wake you up. This also applies at night time too, your first week at home me and your dad did 2 hour shifts watching Vikings on amazon prime on our tablet. I¬†also bought a lot of things we probably don’t need.¬†Then my grandma reminded me that I will be doing it all on my own soon and would need to get you to sleep. Easier said than done! The next few weeks I was like a walking zombie, and living on about 3 hours of sleep, whoever says sleep when your baby sleeps obviously doesn’t know you.

Now feeding you is another topic! NCT, make out that breastfeeding is easy, not painful and the most natural thing in the world.¬†Sooo not true!¬†Most people I have spoken to have had some kind of problem. Sore nipples, the baby not latching, not enough milk just to name a few. A lot of people have had to top up with formula, this is not uncommon. The worse thing is mums feel like they are a let down if for some reason they can’t breast feed their child, and they shouldn’t feel this way. In my experience around 70% of people I know had to top up with formula or stop feeding by 2 months because it was just too painful. We haven’t had it too bad, although your weight in your first month wasn’t going up as much as the health visitor wanted. I was told to¬†try and feed you on demand, I never knew how daunting getting you weighed is. You do have a little quirk, you only like mummy’s right boob??? Whys that – not a clue! So I express from the left, so your dad can do a couple of feeds.¬†My biggest pain is that I can’t drink as much prosecco as I would like (whoops bad mum alert haha), if I time it right I can sneak the odd glass.¬† Feeding you in public is something we are just not good at,¬† you swing your head and my boobs are so big ¬†at the mo I have to lift them up to help you out and prevent suffocation. All that going on under a breastfeeding sheet is not easy. Between us we don’t make it work, so I try and feed you before we go out, so much easier.

Question – How to people buy parking tickets? I get you ready before I buy the ticket because I don’t want to leave you in the car, but what happens when you have a brother or sister? Also the amount of times I’ve left loads of space to get your seat out and then some idiot goes and parks so close to my car I can’t get your seat in. Car parking spaces are too small. I really don’t need this stress on top of a complicated buggy haha. Well it’s not complicated, I just have ridiculous baby brain. It seems every time I take the pram out I have an issue or forgotten how to do something. First time taking you out, it took me 40 minutes to take it down and put in the car. Things are a little scarier without daddy around, but now I have done it a few times I am getting the hang of it and more confident.

You have been such a lucky girl, you have been given soooo many presents and had lots of visitors.

To be honest their aren’t many milestones in your first month, you don’t really do much apart from sleep (only on us), poo, wee and eat. Mummy on the other hand has been really productive and I am nearly on season 3 of Gilmore girls on Netflix!


Dear Emily, (your first week)

Writing about your first week of life is heart breaking, because it was probably the hardest week of my life and here is why….

When you came out you were silent, you¬†couldn’t cry and were grunting¬†which apparently isn’t uncommon. The midwife tried to put you on me as that helps, you let out one cry but that wasn’t enough. The alarm was sounded & in came a doctor, she took you off to the special care unit. I wasn’t really sure what was happening, as it was all happening behind me¬† as I was giving birth to your placenta, so wasn’t allowed to move. Then in comes another doctor, I remember trying to concentrate but I wasn’t really taking it in¬†. It was like a film when everything is in slow motion. He said you had an infection, fluid on the lungs & you weren’t breathing properly. He was saying all this when my legs were up in stirrups being sewn up. I remember telling your Dad to go with you, but the doctors wouldn’t allow it. My baby was all alone & I hadn’t even got to hold you properly.

Eventually Dan was allowed to see you and I followed after my stitches had been done & showered the blood off. You were in an incubator with 100 tubes going in and out of you. The Doctors said they had done some X-rays that showed you had a shadow on your lungs, which they thought was because of the fluid. They were putting you on antibiotics for an infection but they didn’t know any more at this stage. You were on a CPAP machine to help you breath & clear your lungs. I wasn’t allowed to stay with you, I was shipped off to another ward with 7 screaming babies at about 2am. Your Dad slept on the floor. I didn’t really sleep and at 4am I was walking the corridors of the ward crying because I wanted to be with you. One of the nurses let me in the special care unit, I wasn’t allowed to touch you but I just sat next to you watching you. I thought labour might be tough but nothing prepared me for seeing my little baby like that.

The next day¬†– When we had a chat with the doctors they said they were going to try and take you off the CPAP machine and give you air instead, they did and for a few hours you seemed ok. We were so excited , but your little lungs couldn’t cope and you had to go back on it. Our emotions were like a yoyo. I still don’t think we really knew what was going on.¬† Your dad asked one of the nurses ‘Is she going to die’,¬† I remember looking at him thinking what the hell, you dying hadn’t crossed my mind.¬†¬†It had obviously been playing on his mind, but he didn’t want to worry me. Thankfully the nurse said no, that wasn’t going to happen. Plus you were my little fighter.


Day¬†2 – They still couldn’t find out what the infection was, then they said they wanted to test you for ‘meningitis’ ! My eyes started welling up, they would need to put a big needle in your spine and it’s very traumatic so best we weren’t around. I just wanted to get out of there as I started to uncontrollably cry. The doctor kept asking do we have any questions, we never did and waited until the doctor left and then asked the¬†nurse 100 questions¬†because they translated¬†everything into simple terms for us. I was finally allowed to hold you, but¬†I was so worried about pulling a tube out. Things were looking up, you were off the CPAP machine and onto air.

Day 3 – You were finally being taken off the air machine, and taken out of the incubator. Writing this I can’t believe this happened on the 3rd day because it seemed like this took forever. I was allowed to try and start breast feeding you, before this you had been on a glucose drip. Previously me and your dad had been manually pumping the colostrum for you. I include your dad because he was massaging my boob and syringing it up, we were so excited about getting 0.5ml :).

Day 4 – You were moved rooms, and we were told we would only have another day because you were making such good improvements. The meningitis tests they did had a bit of blood in, so weren’t 100% but pretty sure that all was ok. They still weren’t sure what the infection was but the antibiotics had cleared it all up (still a mystery to me).

Day 5 – At 7am the nurses from the special care unit wheeled you¬†into me, it was a surprise as I didn’t know you were being released so early. I was so appreciative and thankful to the nurses, again the tears started flowing. We were finally going to start our life with you, and get you home.

So your first 5 days we had a lot of help from the fantastic nurses at Worthing hospital, however I would have given anything to do it all my self. Sleeping on a ward with about 7 other babies whilst your baby is on another ward is heart wrenching, all I could think about was you.

The next few days were prepping for and having Christmas. We didn’t get much sleep, and we were totally knackered¬†but we didn’t care our baby was finally home!






Dear Emily, (Your Labour)

Well nothing quite prepares you for labour!

I honestly thought that if I kept healthy, exercised and did my pelvic floor exercises that labour would be a piece of cake. No more than 3 hours, and out the same day was my prediction. That’s what happened to my mum and sister so surely it would be the same for me, right?! Ummmm, not so much,¬†you took 19 hours, and I was in hospital for 5 days after you were born.

Before I begin, first let me praise your Dad. That man was my angel, and makes me want to well up thinking of it. He was my complete rock, very¬†calm and counted me through each contraction, there is no way on earth I would have got through 19 hours without any pain relief without him. I don’t think men get as much credit as they should, yeah I know I was the one in pain but your Dad had to sit through seeing the one he loves in pain knowing there wasn’t a great deal he could do about it. That must be really tough.

I had so many misconceptions and questions about labour, and now I know a few of my own answers Рone day  (I hope) you will give birth, and perhaps this will help.

How will I know I am in labour?

  • Don’t rely on your waters breaking. I thought that everyone’s waters broke and was shocked when mine didn’t.¬†Mine didn’t break until an hour before you were born. Chatting to people this is quite common, so don’t always think waters breaking comes first.
  • I had diarrhoea the week leading up to labour, apparently this is a sign as it’s your body clearing you out (Apologies)
  • Contractions feel like you have really bad diarrhoea and it’s sharp shooting pain. You will know! People’s start out at different strengths, mine were painful but some are more mild. Mine started about 10 minutes apart lasting 10-20 seconds and within about 6 hours were 3-4 minutes apart lasting for about 1 minute. You will need to time them as when you ring the hospital they will ask you.

My contractions¬†properly started at 3.30am and after¬†having¬†10 hours of contractions & projectile vomiting 3 times, I finally got to 3 minutes apart lasting 1 minute. It’s time to go to hospital.

Why I didn’t have an epidural

I wasn’t allowed in the birthing pool, until I was 7 centimetres dilated as apparently you can regress. So¬†by 3.30pm, after the midwife telling me she thought I still at 8 hours left I was determined to have an epidural. I thought there is no way on earth I can have this pain for another 8 hours. (Before I continue, let me say that I in no way say don’t get an epidural this is just me). Your Dad gave me the motivation to carry on without pain relief and here is why…

1.) There is a chance that an epidural doesn’t work, or only works on one side. Once you have an epidural you are stuck to the bed. The way I deal with pain is walking & moving, there is no way I could be stuck to a bed in pain if the epidural didn’t work.

2.) I had planned a water birth, I only had a few more hours until I could get in the pool. Why not try that first? I then had a new target of only 2 hours rather than the 8 the midwife had said.

I know lots of people who had epidurals and everything went fine, if you want an epidural you do whatever is right for you.


Finally at 6pm I got in the pool, at first I didn’t like it. However after a minute it was so relaxing (as relaxing as could be). I would definitely recommend a water birth as pain relief for contractions. Although the contractions themselves were still horrendous, the small time in between was relaxing.

That being said, when you are ready to push, get out! I was pushing against the water, for about 1 1/2 hours and it wasn’t really getting me anywhere. When I got out, we really started seeing progress, 40 minutes out of the water and you were born.

Pushing you out

After 19 hours of labour, I gave birth to you standing up and squatting to get you out. If you can stand or¬†go on all fours, instead of lying down do it.¬†Your coccyx is able to move if you don’t lay down and gives you an extra 26% room to push out baby, .

You were 9lb and born on the 18th December. You were perfect! Then the scary bit came. You were grunting and weren’t crying. You were rushed to the special care unit without mummy or daddy, but I will tell you more about that in your ‘first week of life post’.






Letter to our little girl…..

Only a week until your due date, and I thought I would take the time to tell you a bit about my pregnancy with you.

Finding out we were pregnant

Your Dad and I found out I was pregnant with you¬†at the end of¬†our honeymoon in Sri Lanka (It was a 3-4 week honeymoon). I had been really motion sick, and when I was a day late on my period I just knew! So we went to the local pharmacy, and bought 4 pregnancy tests, they were about 20p and like litmus tests so we couldn’t be entirely sure. So your Dad did one with me. Mine all positive and your Dad’s luckily came back negative. Not going to lie to you, I was petrified. Although you were planned, people had told me it would take 3-6 months to get pregnant and I suppose I wasn’t mentally prepared. Your Dad couldn’t believe all his dreams had come true, although he refused to get too excited until we got back to the UK and did a proper test. To our delight it was confirmed I was pregnant.

Then at 10 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding. I tried to stay calm, but I was an emotional wreck. The thought of loosing you made me realise how much I loved you. The doctor booked me a scan straight away at Worthing hospital, and to our delight everything was fine and we heard your little heart beat for the first time.

It’s¬†a girl!

Me and your Dad were adamant you were a boy (there is still time, although we have bought everything pink so please don’t be a boy). So when the midwife told us at the 20 week scan you were a girl, it was a shock. Your Dad absolutely crapped himself, it was hilarious. ‘What am I going to do with a girl’ was his reaction. Then the next day¬†he went out and bought you some clothes and your first bunny rabbit, and said you will be Daddy’s little girl and that you’ll both exclude me haha. Needless to say, he was over not having a boy and soooo ecstatic your a girl.

IMG_4869 (2).JPG

Your first movements

We were pretty worried, as you didn’t start moving until about 24 weeks. So if you are lazy, we knew from the start ūüôā . Once you started you didn’t stop. I am presuming your like your Dad and very long, as you completely fill up my stumpy¬†stomach and kick me in every direction. When your Dad first felt you really kick, it was so funny he literally freaked out and jumped to the other side of the room. He couldn’t even cuddle me, because your kicks were so sporadic it scared him.

Preparing for your labour

Arghhhhhhh!!!!! It’s dawning on me, that anytime now I will need to go through the hideous pain that is labour in order to get you. I know you will be worth it. Your Dad will bring a sense of humour to¬†the labour room¬†if our NCT classes are anything to go by. When we were practising labour¬†in our NCT class, he was supposed to be rubbing my back instead he was tickling my armpit. When I was supposed to be leaning on him (pretending I was having a contraction), he leaned on me and said it was instinct. A couple in our class said that we will laugh our baby out, and I am praying that it happens that way.

Not long now, can’t wait to meet you!






IMG_4869 (2).JPG

What to buy for yourself when pregnant ?

First of all, let me explain that¬†I am a sucker for any hype around a product or recommendations. I automatically think it’s gonna be great for me.¬†However when you are on a budget¬† (saving for maternity leave sucks)¬†you can’t always buy everything you read. So¬†I wanted to note some things down that worked for me and what didn’t.

Maternity Clothes – At first I thought I wouldn’t bother with maternity clothes, but from about 4 months I was getting big and wearing clothes day to day was uncomfortable.

Very few shops have a maternity section in store, I ordered all mine online. Below are some shops I found useful, and didn’t break the bank.

  • George – Bras (you can just buy adapters from Debenhams, depends how big your boobs get), PJ’s
  • H&M – Best all rounder shop for maternity ware at an affordable price.
  • ASOS – Great for maternity dresses
  • Topshop – For me the maternity trousers were a bit out of my price range for what I wanted to spend. However I inherited 2 pairs at the end of my pregnancy and wish I had invested at the start as they are really comfy. The over the bump were best.
  • New Look – Good over the bump maternity knickers. I didn’t like people seeing my skin, so these worked great for certain outfits.
  • Primark – Good for jumpers and basic tops (Bought 3 sizes bigger than my normal size)
  • Note – I found Next to be rubbish and ill fitting for maternity clothes.

Heart Monitor¬†– ¬†First of all, the midwife recommended don’t use a fetal heart monitor as you could be hearing your own heartbeat. However I had no movement until about 24 weeks, and felt I couldn’t ring my midwife every day. I found the heart monitor really useful¬†and reassuring. I used it¬†from about 16-24 weeks, I borrowed a friends and so it didn’t cost me anything. Angelcare Baby Fetal Doppler

Bio Oil & Moisturiser – Bio oil is a godsend, and not that expensive. I started at 12 weeks and rubbed it on my belly after a shower, ‘touch wood’ so far no stretchmark’s. When you are pregnant your skin can become a little itchy, so I also use cocoa butter moisturiser twice a week (who has time every day) works for me.

Exercise Ball & Tennis Ball – Exercise Ball is great to sit on when you are uncomfortable in later pregnancy. The tennis ball is to massage your feet (I learnt it from an exercise class). Stand up, place the tennis ball under your foot, and roll it around in circles going up and down your foot. It’s a great little massage and helps with feet swelling.

Pregnacare Original – I have been really lucky, I haven’t picked up any bugs or colds throughout my whole pregnancy.¬†I put it down to taking pregnacare religiously everyday.

Pregnancy Pillow – Don’t bother with this. I bought one used it for about 2 nights, and it became more of a hindrance than a help. Simply put a normal pillow between your legs when asleep.

Pregnancy BooksThe only book I bought was Holly Willoughby’s Truly Happy Baby¬†. I have skimmed it, but it doesn’t really come into play until I have the baby (I don’t think). I personally think wait until you have had the baby, your NCT or NHS Classes will give you all the information you need.

I would love to hear what you found useful in pregnancy, and what you thought was just hype and didn’t work. Please leave comments ūüôā




Expectations Vs Realities of Pregnancy

As I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, I wanted to compare my expectations of pregnancy compared to my reality. You¬†get some people who say¬†‚ÄėOh I just loved being pregnant‚Äô & others not so much. I am kinda inbetween, and this is probably because I have had a relatively easy pregancy. I have learnt talking with others, that pregnancy is different for everyone, so my realities will be very different to the next person.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I said the following:

  1. I am not going to eat for two ‚Äď Whoops! I have put on 3 ¬Ĺ stone, and my midwife spoke to me about a weight plan. If this is you too, don‚Äôt beat yourself up. People I have spoken to on average put on about 3 stone.
  2. I am going to continue with my exercise regime ‚Äď I do go to fitmummy once a week. It is a¬†brilliant exercise class once a week for expecting mums. I highly recommend these types of classes because they keep you fit and you meet some amazing people going through the same as you. I do also ‚Äėtry‚Äô and walk 30 minutes a day.
  3. I am still going to be as fun as I was before I got pregnant ‚Äď I have realised I am not as fun without my 2 trusted bottles of prosecco. I can‚Äôt be bothered to be around drunk people at the moment, and after 37 weeks I have finally realised its ok to say NO to things. Learn from me, if you are knackered and don‚Äôt want to go somewhere, just don‚Äôt go, unless it‚Äôs a big celebration no one actually cares.
  4. I¬†‘m not going to¬†moan ‚Äď I have actually been quite lucky with my pregnancy. However I do catch myself at work, moaning about my back or complaining I am tired. First 4 months were hard, constantly nauseous. Then from Week 34 for me, getting up 5 times in the night to wee, constant pains where she is kicking my ribs. It also takes me ages to put on shoes, tights and get out of bed (or even turn). And I have had it quite easy.

Please share your expectations of pregnancy compared to the reality. I would love to hear from you.

Why I want to write a new mum blog??

I recently posted a photo on social media, and my husband got home and said that’s a bit of an unrealistic photo. Harsh but true! On a day to day basis, I don’t wear makeup and look pretty rubbish. That is why when I do take a photo, I straighten my hair, I plaster the make up on. My point is, we all post and say things that show us in a positive light, not many people share the hard parts. We then all have unrealistic expectations, and beat ourselves up when things don’t go as well as we hoped.


I want to start writing a blog on my experiences of pregnancy and being a new mum for a few reasons.

  • For me to keep a realistic diary of what is happening. I think as time goes on we start distorting what actually happens.
  • For me to share experiences of anything I have learned. My friends and family have already given me so much fantastic advice and I want to share what works and what doesn‚Äôt.
  • To learn from other mums about their experiences. Are they the same/different from mine?

For point 3 I really need your help, so would love for you to follow the blog and comment on any of my posts in the future.

Thank you for reading.

Another blog to come soon!