What to buy for yourself when pregnant ?

First of all, let me explain that I am a sucker for any hype around a product or recommendations. I automatically think it’s gonna be great for me. However when you are on a budget  (saving for maternity leave sucks) you can’t always buy everything you read. So I wanted to note some things down that worked for me and what didn’t.

Maternity Clothes – At first I thought I wouldn’t bother with maternity clothes, but from about 4 months I was getting big and wearing clothes day to day was uncomfortable.

Very few shops have a maternity section in store, I ordered all mine online. Below are some shops I found useful, and didn’t break the bank.

  • George – Bras (you can just buy adapters from Debenhams, depends how big your boobs get), PJ’s
  • H&M – Best all rounder shop for maternity ware at an affordable price.
  • ASOS – Great for maternity dresses
  • Topshop – For me the maternity trousers were a bit out of my price range for what I wanted to spend. However I inherited 2 pairs at the end of my pregnancy and wish I had invested at the start as they are really comfy. The over the bump were best.
  • New Look – Good over the bump maternity knickers. I didn’t like people seeing my skin, so these worked great for certain outfits.
  • Primark – Good for jumpers and basic tops (Bought 3 sizes bigger than my normal size)
  • Note – I found Next to be rubbish and ill fitting for maternity clothes.

Heart Monitor –  First of all, the midwife recommended don’t use a fetal heart monitor as you could be hearing your own heartbeat. However I had no movement until about 24 weeks, and felt I couldn’t ring my midwife every day. I found the heart monitor really useful and reassuring. I used it from about 16-24 weeks, I borrowed a friends and so it didn’t cost me anything. Angelcare Baby Fetal Doppler

Bio Oil & Moisturiser – Bio oil is a godsend, and not that expensive. I started at 12 weeks and rubbed it on my belly after a shower, ‘touch wood’ so far no stretchmark’s. When you are pregnant your skin can become a little itchy, so I also use cocoa butter moisturiser twice a week (who has time every day) works for me.

Exercise Ball & Tennis Ball – Exercise Ball is great to sit on when you are uncomfortable in later pregnancy. The tennis ball is to massage your feet (I learnt it from an exercise class). Stand up, place the tennis ball under your foot, and roll it around in circles going up and down your foot. It’s a great little massage and helps with feet swelling.

Pregnacare Original – I have been really lucky, I haven’t picked up any bugs or colds throughout my whole pregnancy. I put it down to taking pregnacare religiously everyday.

Pregnancy Pillow – Don’t bother with this. I bought one used it for about 2 nights, and it became more of a hindrance than a help. Simply put a normal pillow between your legs when asleep.

Pregnancy BooksThe only book I bought was Holly Willoughby’s Truly Happy Baby . I have skimmed it, but it doesn’t really come into play until I have the baby (I don’t think). I personally think wait until you have had the baby, your NCT or NHS Classes will give you all the information you need.

I would love to hear what you found useful in pregnancy, and what you thought was just hype and didn’t work. Please leave comments 🙂