Dear Emily, (14 months)

You did it!!! You took your first steps, well 6 to be precise on the 25th February! I was so worried you would never walk, as every book I have read it says 10-12 months is normal. Well those books are rubbish because I know a lot of babies who walk between 12-16 months. So don’t worry Emsie, you aren’t behind 🙂 .

Your speech hasn’t got much better, you are still refusing to say Mama to me, you can say it but don’t understand, so at the moment your only words really are Dada and Ta. I’m not sure if that’s normal? I’m sure blah blah blah doesn’t count… You are starting to do some really funny things. You love dropping your food, and pursing your lips together and saying owwww… I have to turn the other way because i don’t want you seeing me laugh.

You’re such a little character that you no longer want to do what mummy tells you. Every time I try and change your nappy you are trying to get up, back arched and become possessed by the devil.  I never thought i would be this mum, but…. I resort to bribery. If I give you a biscuit 9 times out of 10 you will lie down and let me change your nappy. The other times I am chasing you around the house, thinking to myself – you little s*** . So if you are ever overweight because of your love of biscuits you can blame yourself for not being an angel child.

I am still feeding you with a spoon for anything other than finger foods. Apparently i should be starting to let you try and feed yourself now. Well mummy doesn’t want the mess, so we will look at gradually doing that… You are being fussy at the moment and i don’t want to introduce something that might hinder you eating less.

You are really starting to get into toys now, and love drawing. You even had a little play in the snow. I think it’s the first time you have seen snow, you weren’t very keen and I don’t blame you. It’s cold!

Mummy is still working full time, you don’t seem to care you love nursery but I feel like I am missing out on so much. You are starting to become a little girl now, and I am so sad that I don’t get to see you every day. Yeah you can be a stubborn madam, and wake up in the night and refuse to go back to sleep but you are a really cool little girl. I love your independence and confidence, you don’t care if mummy and daddy are there you are quite happy to adapt to your surroundings and go and play. You are generally calm but fiery when you don’t get your own way, and although it can drive me crazy sometimes i love it because i know you aren’t a pushover. You might look like Daddy, but you have the personality of Mummy.

I am few months behind writing these blogs as mummy was a little poorly, but you are what got me through my gorgeous girl. Until next time…

love mummy x


Working Mum Drama

So I’ve been back at work now for nearly 3 months and it’s all going well, kind of. I think the mum guilt is always there hovering in the background but it’s a lot easier now. I think time just makes it that way. Everything always seems worse than it actually is. That being said, being a full time working mum and have a 14 month old has it’s dramas!

Some of the dramas

  • Emily Waking up Before me. I generally try and get up at 5.45am, have a 5 minutes shower get dressed ready for her to wake up at 6am. But when she wakes up at 5.30am, a toddler can do a lot of damage in 5 minutes while you have a shower. Some words of advice, don’t leave toilet roll or the toilet brush in reach!
  • Poorly Child. This is where I am very lucky, as I have only been called in once, the day after emily had her 1st year injections. But some kids are poorly all the time, and poor parents having to stop work and pick them up.
  • Taking Random Holiday days to Spend Time with Emily. I had this lovely idea that the days I take off will be utterly appreciated by Emily. Nope! The days I have taken off, because I feel like a bad mum Emily decides to play up, I end up getting stressed and thinking why did I bother. I thought at 14 months she would appreciate the fact I have just used a days holiday.
  • Other Mums – “I just don’t know how you work full time” – Shut Up! I feel guilty enough, without all the judgement people. We all have to do what is right for us and our family. You never know other people’s circumstances, so no judging or condescending words please.
  • The Bad Nights Sleep – Emily is a good sleeper but there are nights when she thinks, I know lets piss mummy off and not sleep for 3 hours. Going to work with minimal sleep is horrendous. I am direct and grumpy enough, armed with no sleep = Don’t Talk to Me Colleagues, Just Walk the Other Way! Shame I work in sales ekkkk….  So now, I just go to sleep at 8.30pm in preparation.
  • Looking Like Shit – All the Time! – I am not a slim beauty, so without the time to put on make up and wash my hair, I look rubbish all the time. When I do put on make up, and curl my hair I feel like a different person, but I don’t have time to do that on a daily basis. I mean I am lucky if I have time for a poo in the mornings and wash my hair twice a week.  If Emily gets food on me, I don’t even change, I just wipe it off. Then I see some of my stunning mum friends on FB or Insta looking amazing and I think oh my god, what am I doing wrong?
  • Nursery Fees – Luckily Emily is only in Nursery 3 times a week, but that’s still £800 a month. I think I have succumbed to the fact that I will never have money again, as it’s just going to get worse when more babies come along.
  • I am Always Late – I have to drop Emily off in the morning, and I am always 5 minutes late to work, I do always make up the time, but I used to turn up at least 30 minutes early. No one ever says anything, but I know I would have judged prior to having Emily.

It would be great to hear other peoples working dramas?

Being a working mum comes with it dramas. The biggest is not spending time with my beautiful daughter, but it is what it is and it works for us at the moment. It’s tough trying to juggle everything, but then so is being a full time mum. I don’t think any mum has it easy.




Dear Emily (1 Year)

We are finally talking in years not months! Mummy set out to write you a diary for your first year and turn it into a book with photos and I’ve done it! Yay! It’s something you can read when you’re a bit older and I hope you enjoy it.

We decided to throw you a big 1st Birthday & Christening combined. Unfortunately you were a bit poorly and decided to be sick in the morning, but being who you are, you didn’t let that stop you. You were brilliant all day! You wore the dress both mummy & Nana wore when they were christened. You got sooo many presents you lucky thing, mummy is still writing the thank you cards.

Still no sign of walking, although you do walk with the walker now which is an improvement.  You will only do it though if mummy & daddy give you praise and encouragement (surprise surprise). You got a toy where you put balls in the top and it swirls round, you are so clever you picked up how to do it straight away. You even know how to open it up to get the balls out, it’s probably your favourite toy at the moment.

You are still loving your food, probably a little too much over Christmas. You are ate so much rubbish, not fed by me I’ll add (rest of the family). Oh and you hated meeting Father Christmas! You screamed the whole time!

You have also started Nursery this month but I’ll save that for the next post!

Until next time little one xx

Dear Emily, (11 months)

You are turning into such an amazing little person! You are so calm 80% of the time, unless you don’t get your own way. When you don’t get your own way, let the strops begin! You go from 0-100 in less than a second. I wonder who  you get that from???!! It’s nothing that a biscuit can’t fix though.

Your speech is really coming on. You now understand Ta, and say it all the time. You call mummy RaRa, I don’t know if that’s anything to do with the lion on CBeebies but I’ll take it. You say Dada, but I don’t think you know what you’re saying. You do things like high 5, you understand when we say clap your hands. You know bye and hi ya, you are really coming on.

No sign of walking yet though. You won’t even walk on the walker so think we have a way to go. Crawling it is!

Thats about it for now, not a great deal happening this month!

love you more than the world x

Dear Emily, (10 months)

1577D55C-DB1F-4B2C-97BD-A05AF3DC0BA1.jpegOmg, it’s been too long!! Life hasn’t spared me 5 minutes, but I’m back, so I’ll pick up from where I left off.

Only last month I was worried that you weren’t crawling and now you’re everywhere!! Not only crawling but standing up on furniture. You have hundreds of toys but of course you want things like, cups, pulling baby wipes out, remote control, my phone… You’re now babbling lots saying Dada, Baba and hi ya, but you don’t know what any of it means so I wouldn’t say it’s your first word, or do you? Everyone always seems to know their babies first word, but i’m not sure what I’m going to tell you. Which makes me question if Nanna lies to mummy about her first word. You are mastering things like waving and clapping and you understand when I say things like arms up, No, cuddles, hi & bye. Understanding & listening though are two very separate things.

Talking about understanding me and No. You have started biting and it really hurts. You caught me off guard and bit me and I shouted No. Your little lip started to wobble and you started crying. I felt so awful. You definitely understand tone of voice ekkk.

I can’t say we have mastered sleep yet as that changes on a nightly basis. It doesn’t help that you have a cold all the time. I’ve even bought the calpol night plug but I’m not sure it’s helped. This winter you’ve picked up so many bugs. It’s like a constant stream of snot from your nose… mmmmm ….

This month we went away for a weekend to Norwich. We stayed at the premier inn where it’s all you can eat breakfast. Before I knew it, I had 4 plates in front of me… They were all for you, you had a variety of food. Daddy made me look at what I’d got for you, and said I’m ‘one of those mums’ I instantly new what he meant… I give you far to much choice. I always thought I’d be the strict one but I’m not, I panda to you massively. You are now trying so many foods. You feed yourself for one meal (baby led).

Anyways that’s about it for now. Until next time little one x


Dear Emily, (9 months)

55112553-8F1A-4894-B049-A60CCCFF9F50You are crawling!!! Yay!! 25th September to be precise, so 9 months & 1 week. It’s funny mamma was worrying that you would never crawl but you seemed to do it around the average time. The first few weeks of you crawling you were quite sceptical of moving, you were very cautious (not anymore).

Now you’re crawling we’ve had to lower the cot down because you were pulling yourself up. Problem is mumma is so short I struggle to put you down in it. I think I might need to get a step, hopefully you won’t inherit mumma’s  short genes. Sleeping has regressed again, maybe it’s because you’re learning new things your brain can’t switch off. You are up every few hours, you’ve had a cold which has lasted a few weeks which doesn’t help. We always come up with an excuse of why you aren’t sleeping haha. You don’t even want to nap. Mamma stupidly thought you would have your nap and attempted to dye my hair, after about 15 minutes of starting applying it , you woke and screamed the house down. I was so torn of what to do. I ended up washing it out (I hadn’t even applied it all). I can’t tell you how stressed I was.

You still aren’t showing mamma much love. It was so funny at swimming, I passed you to the swim instructor as I got in the pool and you cuddled her and didn’t want to come back to me. Most babies are the opposite and don’t want to be passed to other people , but you really don’t care. Hopefully you’ll show me love soon.

You are really starting to get an amazing  personality. You aren’t afraid of anything, you even growl at dogs (family dogs not random) that come up to you in your face. You definitely show them who’s boss.

You know what ‘No’ is, but you weigh it up whether what you are doing is worth it. You are starting to understand what we mean when we are talking to you, you definitely understand cuddles. Still no words, only mumbling and bababa, but you’ll get there

Love you more than the world x

Mummy’s Diary Entry

Over the last few weeks, emily hasn’t been herself. Not sleeping, crying randomly. Turns out she’s got 3 new teeth coming through all at the same time. Problem is, you never know this until the worst has happened. Emily has always been a good sleeper, so I couldn’t really sympathise with mum’s who were up every night. Well now I can, and by god do I feel for you. Being sleep deprived makes you go a bit cray cray. Dan & I have such arguements in the night about the ‘right ‘ way of getting emily back to sleep. Dans way is bringing her into bed, mine is rocking her. Neither I am sure is right.

I keep second guessing myself, and worry I’m being to strict or not enough. I swear this stuff has got harder, I thought I had being a mum sussed. I’ve even thought maybe I should go back to work for a few days a week now to give us both a little break. It’s not because I don’t love Emily, because I love her more than life itself it’s just sometimes she seem’s happier with other people and that’s maybe because we are together 24/7. I feel so guilty writing this, as everyone keeps saying how they couldn’t stand to go back to work. Us mummies have to stop judging ourselves because we are all different and it doesn’t mean we love our children any less or more.

This month I went away for a few days (4) to Portugal which was lovely and gave me a little break. While I was away Dan had Emily for 3 days and Karen 1 day and apparently Emily was brilliant. I had a pang of jealousy because for me she had been a nightmare. How come? I honestly thought she hated me.

Then 3 days ago I had an aphifiny, it’s not Emily’s it’s me! When you have her every day and try and stick to such a strict regime, it’s no wonder she wants to rebel against it. So I’m trying a new approach, CHILL OUT! And almost overnight her attitude changed and she’s back to being my happy laughing little girl. It’s so hard to climb out of a hole you’ve dug yourself. I really do believe babies vibe of you, if you’re stressed then they are too. Now I’m not saying I’m going to be chilled every day, as that’s just crazy talk… but… if she is an hour late for her nap, or doesn’t want to eat all her lunch or wants a cuddle I’m just going to go with it (or try). It’s crazy how this shift in mindset has instantly made Emily and I feel calmer. Last night she even slept through again.

Now on to my body! My friend sent me this picture the other day… she wasn’t being rude, it was after a discussion where we were discussing a part of our body after having a baby and breastfeeding 😂.. I think the picture explains it better than words.


Until next time x

Dear Emily, (7 months)

So by now I had this expectation that you would be crawling & talking. But …. You can barely roll bless you, but that’s ok cause you sleep and your happy. Seriously though, there has been a little development. You are sitting up really well, bouncing on your bum and you are rolling. It’s funny because now you’re rolling at night you roll on your front and I have a heartattack. I get up about twice in the night and turn you back over because I’m scared you can’t breath. (I don’t do this now).

Talking about sleep, you now go through until about 6am which is lovely. I think it’s because if it’s before 5am I just leave you to have a moan and so now you’ve got used to it.

At 7ish months mummy has stopped breastfeeding. When I started weaning you off at 6 months it was really emotional but by the end it was ok. I do miss it and maybe I gave up to soon, but I felt it was time. You are doing so well with food and you take formula, so you get all you need. Your still on the 75th percentile for weight and 91st percentile for height, so your doing ok.

We’re loving the doctors at the moment, so much so that I think the receptionists now recognise us. I think you have been to the doctors more in your life than I have in my 32 years. We have been for your lack of pooing, bum thrush, lump on your lower back, and your ears. That’s all this month! Your pooing or lack of is becoming a problem. I keep going back to the doctors but there not much help. The longest is 11 days, but on average you’ll go once a week and when you do it’s like pellets = Constipation. I have tried everything… Baby massage, prunes & prune juice purée, more water, special formula, apple & pear juice (from farm shop), bicycle legs etc etc but you just don’t want to poo. When you do you scream the house down, it’s so sad, mummy cries with you. It’s the most heart wrenching feeling watching your baby in pain.IMG_8802

Thats about it for this month. Not a lot to report, I’m thinking 8 months old is your month! Haha

love you lots


Dear Emily, (Weaning)

So mummy started giving you food at 6 months.

We started with lunch, and you would only do a couple of baby spoonful’s. I cooked singular foods and puréed them for a couple of weeks to find out what you liked. Your favourites were sweet potato, butternut squash, apples & pears. You’re weren’t a big fan of strawberries, cauliflower or broccoli to start with. It took about 30-40 minutes for you to take 2 spoonful’s. The first couple of weeks felt like you would never eat food. You would close your lips so tight and kept shaking your head, to say No.


Then overnight it changed and you started wanting the food. Surprise surprise though, you wanted to feed yourself. So I introduced breakfast. You are not a fan of baby porridge, you are much more of a Greek yogurt and fruit girl (now you like strawberries). Which doesn’t surprise me because when I was pregnant I craved fruit all the time. Then came dinner, and we started mixing up the flavours and combing food, Ella’s kitchen & Annabel Karmel books came in very handy. You will try lots of things now, the only thing your not a fan of is cauliflower cheese.

At 7 months I now mix it up at give you finger foods such as melon, sweet potato fries (homemade), pitta etc… You love feeding yourself. I was really nervous at first that you would choke and I had my baby first aid book out in case I had to quickly do First Aid. But turns out your gag reflexes are really good. (Fingers crossed this continues).

So your food routine now looks a bit like this….

6am 7oz bottle

7am Breakfast

10.30am 7oz bottle

12.30 Lunch

3pm 7oz bottle

5pm Dinner

I have no idea if what I am doing is right, but it seems to work for us. I know what you’re thinking, how does mummy fit all this in!  Daddy thinks all I do is go out for lunch and coffee all the time… Well this on top of your naps and it’s actually very tough. I also started off making all your food, after about a month I succumbed to Ella (I only use the pouches sometimes) Ella’s kitchen pouches are 100% food, unlike the others. You read the back of them and they contain things I’ve never heard of. That being said in order for Ella’s kitchen not to contain the other stuff it must be cooked at a really high temperature which takes away some of the goodness. But… pouches are sometimes so much easier .

You hate water, I’ve tried it in your bottle and I’ve bought about 100 cups but you are not a fan. You do have the odd day when you’ll drink it, and I throw a party and get so excited thinking I’ve cracked it. Little does mummy know you’re luring me into a false pretence. Haha.

I do wonder what you’re like with food when you read this. Will you still eat everything or will you become more fussy? Time will tell my little one.

Love you

mummy x

Dear Emily, (your first holiday)

First Holiday : 5 months Old (For 3 and a bit Weeks to US.)

So your first time on a plane and you fly upper class to New York!!! Daddy had airmiles so we thought why not, don’t get used to that though because by the time you read this we will probably be poor because mummy keeps buying too much stuff and daddy is threatening divorce (only playing).

On the flight we were expecting the worst, I had two bags of toys, a wrap carrier thing, bottles and I even brought dummies just incase. But you were amazing!! You were quite happy just chilling watching movies. We fed you on the way up and down, but the pressure didn’t seem to bother you. You even adapted to the time zone difference… I mean, how? I actually got a little concerned you were being too good and something was wrong. Your car seat was a god send, because otherwise getting taxi’s would have been a nightmare. We took you strolling around New York and we showed you were mummy & daddy got engaged. You even travelled on the subway. Getting around isn’t as easy as it used to be, but we managed. We took you out for dinners and made sure we got you back home at a resonanble time.

Then we flew from New York to Florida and the fun began. You were not happy, and we were trying our best to entertain you. I overheard a lady in front saying she gives her kids benedril before a flight! Why does everyone have an opinion and feel the need to express it??!!! Especially strangers!! Anyways we arrived in Florida, Daddy lost mummy’s wallet on the plane and so we didn’t get off to the best of starts, needless to stay mummy was very angry. Unfortunately you and me seem to be moody at the same time.

Florida was amazing, your auntie & uncle loved you very much but I was overwhelmed with how much your cousins love you. Channon & Naomi were fighting over who could cuddle and give you your bottle, you’re a very loved little girl. The heat in Florida was a bit of a worry for me, as it was in the 30’s. On really hot nights you just slept in a rest. Also on holiday, I seemed to forget time… this meant all of a sudden I would look at the time and think, god I need to feed you or change your nappy and then id get in a faff… I know what your thinking, mummy, faff, never! haha….


Then the time came for mummy & daddy to go to Nashville. WITHOUT YOU 😬 We went for 3 nights, and I was wracked in guilt for leaving you. Although we were having an amazing time, I did say to your dad shall we go home a day early to see you. He wasn’t having any of it, and actually got a bit upset with mummy as I should have just relaxed. I think when you’re a mummy relaxing, is actually a tough job. You didn’t care, you were having a brilliant time. You even covered auntie claire in a gigantic projectile poo 😂 When we got back, you sat up on your own!! Wow, I got so excited. Little did I know you did it in the 3 days I was away from you. Why does that always seem to happen.


We then went down to Key West, it was such a long drive for you but your lovely cousins sat in the back with you and we’re keeping you entertained. This is when we found your love for finding nemo. When we got back to Florida, you went to all the parks and went on some rides. Your favourite was the new avatar ride, as its sensory overload it was brilliant seeing your little eyes light up.

Now don’t get me wrong, we had a very different holiday, than we used to have. But you were so chilled on holiday. I couldn’t have wished for a more well behaved baby. I hope it continues, but we will see. Isn’t it good baby naughty toddler? 😬

Love Mummy x

Few Items that we found useful (not including bottles, nappies etc) ….

– Car Seat (wrap in bubble wrap and buy a check in bag, £10 from Amazon)

– Stroller (that your not fussed about. We bought a silvercross zest.)

– Sleepyhead (god send, emily’s home away from home, we just put it in the travel cot)