Dear Emily, (15 months)

Hello little miss pro walker! Literally I blinked and you went from stumbling around the place and me having a heartattack every time you went near a table edge to strutting your stuff! Although I’m very proud, I kinda understand now what people were warning me about. You’re EVERYWHERE!

We went to St Ives & whilst Daddy had fun watching Crystal Palace on TV in the pub, mummy was walking up a down the pub stairs with you and running after you around the pub. Don’t worry though mummy had a few prosecco’s to get her through.

Talking about going away, we also went to Bath this month. We decided hotel rooms aren’t really for us because when we’re in the same room, we have to go to bed at 7.30pm which isn’t too much fun. So we rent an apartment now, so we have a living room, works out similar price if not cheaper. Win win! Means mummy & daddy can have some chill time whilst you sleep.

Getting back to you…. You are fab at opening & closing drawers, you are particularly good at getting all your clothes out your drawers. I don’t know how people can clean a house with a little one, as everything I clear up you just get back out. I swear you are quicker than the Flash, because I turn around and everything is out again!

Your biting isn’t getting any better. At nursery if I see a red slip (means I have to sign the accident book) in your pigeon hole my first words are ‘what has she done’ 9.9 times you’ve bitten someone. So nursery suggested giving you a time out. So when you bite I put you on the step by yourself. Trouble is you love the step and when I come to get you off you stick your tongue out and wave me away. Yeah not so much of a punishment. Turns out you like quiet time.


Until next time x