Dear Emily, (14 months)

You did it!!! You took your first steps, well 6 to be precise on the 25th February! I was so worried you would never walk, as every book I have read it says 10-12 months is normal. Well those books are rubbish because I know a lot of babies who walk between 12-16 months. So don’t worry Emsie, you aren’t behind 🙂 .

Your speech hasn’t got much better, you are still refusing to say Mama to me, you can say it but don’t understand, so at the moment your only words really are Dada and Ta. I’m not sure if that’s normal? I’m sure blah blah blah doesn’t count… You are starting to do some really funny things. You love dropping your food, and pursing your lips together and saying owwww… I have to turn the other way because i don’t want you seeing me laugh.

You’re such a little character that you no longer want to do what mummy tells you. Every time I try and change your nappy you are trying to get up, back arched and become possessed by the devil.  I never thought i would be this mum, but…. I resort to bribery. If I give you a biscuit 9 times out of 10 you will lie down and let me change your nappy. The other times I am chasing you around the house, thinking to myself – you little s*** . So if you are ever overweight because of your love of biscuits you can blame yourself for not being an angel child.

I am still feeding you with a spoon for anything other than finger foods. Apparently i should be starting to let you try and feed yourself now. Well mummy doesn’t want the mess, so we will look at gradually doing that… You are being fussy at the moment and i don’t want to introduce something that might hinder you eating less.

You are really starting to get into toys now, and love drawing. You even had a little play in the snow. I think it’s the first time you have seen snow, you weren’t very keen and I don’t blame you. It’s cold!

Mummy is still working full time, you don’t seem to care you love nursery but I feel like I am missing out on so much. You are starting to become a little girl now, and I am so sad that I don’t get to see you every day. Yeah you can be a stubborn madam, and wake up in the night and refuse to go back to sleep but you are a really cool little girl. I love your independence and confidence, you don’t care if mummy and daddy are there you are quite happy to adapt to your surroundings and go and play. You are generally calm but fiery when you don’t get your own way, and although it can drive me crazy sometimes i love it because i know you aren’t a pushover. You might look like Daddy, but you have the personality of Mummy.

I am few months behind writing these blogs as mummy was a little poorly, but you are what got me through my gorgeous girl. Until next time…

love mummy x