Dear Emily, (11 months)

You are turning into such an amazing little person! You are so calm 80% of the time, unless you don’t get your own way. When you don’t get your own way, let the strops begin! You go from 0-100 in less than a second. I wonder who  you get that from???!! It’s nothing that a biscuit can’t fix though.

Your speech is really coming on. You now understand Ta, and say it all the time. You call mummy RaRa, I don’t know if that’s anything to do with the lion on CBeebies but I’ll take it. You say Dada, but I don’t think you know what you’re saying. You do things like high 5, you understand when we say clap your hands. You know bye and hi ya, you are really coming on.

No sign of walking yet though. You won’t even walk on the walker so think we have a way to go. Crawling it is!

Thats about it for now, not a great deal happening this month!

love you more than the world x


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