Mummy Meltdowns

IMG_9031Firstly, I love being a mum & I love Emily more than the world. I don’t want people reading this thinking ‘unappreciative cow’. But there are times when I find it particular tough, it’s not always plain sailing.

Being a mum is like a rollercoaster. One minute you’re happy and feel like the luckiest person in the world, the next you’re angry and feel like ‘why me’! You honestly think you’re going crazy. I probably have a rant to Dan atleast once a day. I speak to myself and say leave the poor man alone, but it just comes out and my body feels like it’s on a fire! Before you all think, wow she needs help (believe me I’ve thought about it at times) but my friends assure me this is normal. Haha.

The Housewive

Talking of normal, I swear it’s not normal to have as much washing up and clothes to wash as I do now. Where does it all come from? I feel like all I do is clean up all the time. That or make purées that Emily won’t eat. I really did have this great ideal of having dinner on the table when dan got home and having an immaculate house. I really do get it when Dans says what have you done all day. Before I had Emily I would have asked the exact same thing. It’s crazy where time goes.


Considering I don’t do a great deal, I’m always tired. On average I reckon I get about 6 hours sleep, now I already hear some mums shouting at this blog thinking 6 hours is a lot. Well not for me, I’m an 8 hours sleep girl and without it I feel like rubbish. I know I should go to bed earlier, but I had like 8 weeks of love island, and I couldn’t miss that. My friends were all on whatsapp talking about it, so I had to watch it live.


So firstly people like Binky Felstead, back to size 8 in 8 weeks is totally unrealistic. Who does that?! Definitely not me. 7 months on and I’m only just allowed to do exercise. Granted I’m over 3 stone lighter than when I gave birth but that’s mainly to do with breastfeeding.

I’m always going to have a mum tum, you know that pouch at the bottom of your belly, and do you know what….I’m proud of it! Our bodies go through a miracle and it’s time we start appreciating it.

Those days…

I think every mum has had them. Those days when your baby just cries for hours and you don’t know whether to scream or cry. I had one on Monday, and no matter what I did Emily just cried. You start off saying ‘there, there darling’ then it leads to ‘what is wrong with you!’ haha. Then you get that call from your husband saying I’m working late tonight! Well then you feel like the whole world is falling around you.

For me being a mum is amazing, but there are days when you think you are doing a rubbish job and those days are tough, really tough. The worst is on those days you don’t want to see anyone. I know that I should ring a friend and meet up on those days, but it’s just hard. But do you know what? I’m going to try and do that next time.


1.)  How do you hold an umbrella in torrential rain whilst pushing a buggy.

2.) How do you go for a wee when you are swimming with a baby and there’s no where to put the baby?

Until next time





Dear Emily, (Weaning)

So mummy started giving you food at 6 months.

We started with lunch, and you would only do a couple of baby spoonful’s. I cooked singular foods and puréed them for a couple of weeks to find out what you liked. Your favourites were sweet potato, butternut squash, apples & pears. You’re weren’t a big fan of strawberries, cauliflower or broccoli to start with. It took about 30-40 minutes for you to take 2 spoonful’s. The first couple of weeks felt like you would never eat food. You would close your lips so tight and kept shaking your head, to say No.


Then overnight it changed and you started wanting the food. Surprise surprise though, you wanted to feed yourself. So I introduced breakfast. You are not a fan of baby porridge, you are much more of a Greek yogurt and fruit girl (now you like strawberries). Which doesn’t surprise me because when I was pregnant I craved fruit all the time. Then came dinner, and we started mixing up the flavours and combing food, Ella’s kitchen & Annabel Karmel books came in very handy. You will try lots of things now, the only thing your not a fan of is cauliflower cheese.

At 7 months I now mix it up at give you finger foods such as melon, sweet potato fries (homemade), pitta etc… You love feeding yourself. I was really nervous at first that you would choke and I had my baby first aid book out in case I had to quickly do First Aid. But turns out your gag reflexes are really good. (Fingers crossed this continues).

So your food routine now looks a bit like this….

6am 7oz bottle

7am Breakfast

10.30am 7oz bottle

12.30 Lunch

3pm 7oz bottle

5pm Dinner

I have no idea if what I am doing is right, but it seems to work for us. I know what you’re thinking, how does mummy fit all this in!  Daddy thinks all I do is go out for lunch and coffee all the time… Well this on top of your naps and it’s actually very tough. I also started off making all your food, after about a month I succumbed to Ella (I only use the pouches sometimes) Ella’s kitchen pouches are 100% food, unlike the others. You read the back of them and they contain things I’ve never heard of. That being said in order for Ella’s kitchen not to contain the other stuff it must be cooked at a really high temperature which takes away some of the goodness. But… pouches are sometimes so much easier .

You hate water, I’ve tried it in your bottle and I’ve bought about 100 cups but you are not a fan. You do have the odd day when you’ll drink it, and I throw a party and get so excited thinking I’ve cracked it. Little does mummy know you’re luring me into a false pretence. Haha.

I do wonder what you’re like with food when you read this. Will you still eat everything or will you become more fussy? Time will tell my little one.

Love you

mummy x

Dear Emily, (6 months)

OMG!!! Where has the last 6 months gone. Time is going crazy fast.

So we got back from America (where you were amazing) but I knew it couldn’t last. You have serious jetlag, and keep waking up twice in the night. I know I need to stop feeding you in the night, but every time I try and stop I am just too tired to pace the floor with you, plus your cry is like opening a tap on mummy’s milk and so I give in. Your dad has more patience than me, so he has tried a couple of nights and now you don’t get fed in the night and sleep through from 7.30-5am.

A lot has been going on for you this month with regards to sleep time. You are now in your own room… Ekkkk!! We’ve set up the angel care monitor just for that little piece of mind. I know there is mixed debate about the angel care monitor. You didn’t have one for the first 6 months, but I’m not 100% comfortable with you in your own room and it puts me at ease. Mummy also tried controlled crying, I lasted 3 days and decided you’re too young. You weren’t really having any of it, and screamed the house down, so my thinking is try again in a few months. We can’t do everything all at once, hey.

Now on to your development… You’re now grabbing things with two hands which is exciting. Although pinching mummy’s arms is your new favourite pass time and it really hurts. You’re mastering the art of sitting up. We put the breastfeeding cushion behind you just incase you fall over. You are so much more alert now, and love all your toys. Your bubble sensory lamp (Argos, is now a big hit (finally), you also like Vtech Crawl & learn rotating ball (£16 from Entertainer). No signs of crawling yet though, I do try different activities to help you, but you have no interest haha. You are definitely stubborn, and I wonder where you get that from???  You are however becoming more vocal, and are starting to make the cutest sounds.

You have also started trying different foods, but that’s for another page…


With your development, you always seem to be a few weeks behind your friends. I think the sleepyhead stops you from moving in your sleep, which might be hindering you rolling? I hate to admit it, but mummy does think why isn’t emily doing that? You’ll learn one of mummy’s bad traits is she’s competitive and it’s not a nice quality. You will learn to do things in your own time and your own way and mummy needs to chill. No two babies are the same, and I shouldn’t compare you to other babies. You might be a couple weeks behind but you are the smilest, happiest baby I’ve ever met and I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

Love you more than the world