This one is all about mummy!!!

Why aren’t I a size 8 already??!!! Oh wait I was never a size 8 before I fell pregnant & putting on 4 stone certainly doesn’t help me get there. I honestly thought while I was pregnant, I’d be this person who would loose all the weight, and be super chilled. And what the hell is this mummy pouch I’ve developed?! That bit of skin that sags over your trousers… I feel like a kangaroo.

I stupidly started slimming world 4 weeks after giving birth. I lost 2 1/2 stone, but lunches & cakes are getting in my way. No one wants to be ‘that’ person who refuses cakes. Plus I’m breastfeeding so that means I can have an extra 2000 calories a day surely?!!! 😬

Well clothes shops would tell me differently. ⚠️ Do not go shopping when you’re not happy with your size!!! Just buy bags & shoes. We were in Brighton and Dan very kindly gave me £100 to buy myself something nice for our night out, he took Emily and off I went. Well for his kind effort he was greeted to a moody tearful wife. (This is not something that’s unusual)

You think when you’re pregnant you’ll be able to start exercise straight away, but it often takes longer than you think. If you do start exercise I recommend getting a health check, or learning how to check stomach separation before starting exercise again. FitMummy do a fantastic course to help you rebuild your muscles after having a baby. I also do mummy&me Yoga & Pilates through busylizzy, the above classes are great for your pelvic floor.

I also thought when I was pregnant, that I’d be this totally cool mum who could just go out and leave her baby, no problem. I thought I’d only breastfeed for 3 months and then I’d get my life back. I definitely wouldn’t be one of those who post lots of baby pictures on Facebook.  Then reality happens and you have this little baby, you don’t want to leave them & when you do you cry and spend half the night calling to check there ok. And I don’t need to tell you all how much I love a good Facebook pic haha. I would have taken the piss out of the person I’ve become, but you don’t really care about getting your life back because this is now your life. The type of mum you think you’ll be totally changes.

As much as I Love being a mum, things are not always rosey. There are times I’ve wanted to cry with tiredness & fustration. I’m so fortunate I have some amazing friends who offer support and reassurance and I’d just like to say thank you! Without you all things would be a lot tougher. Its amazing to send a whatsapp message at 3am and get multiple responses because you know other people are feeling your pain 😘😘😘


Dear Emily, (12 & 13 Weeks)

13 weeks & still loving your bouncer chair 😍

So you’re 12 weeks now, time we start to put you to bed rather than waiting up with mummy & daddy. We have started your routine which consists of:

6.30pm – Bath (We use child’s farm bath & shampoo every other night, & just water the other night)

7pm – Formula bottle (Aptimal 1, Munckin Latch bottle) I’m still breastfeeding you, but I’ve heard such good things about formula filling babies up I thought I’d try it. You still take about 40minutes- 1hour to do your bottle 😬

8pm/8.30pm – Up to your crib (You’re still in our room). We use our Motorola monitor which has a video, you are mummy & daddy’s entertainment as we just watch you haha 😂

You are now sleeping until about 4-5am.

Now I wouldn’t have thought of doing this without the help from my NCT ladies. I cannot stress how important it is to have other mummies going through what you are at the same time. It’s amazing how quickly you forget things. It’s so hard to know if what you are doing is right. I’ve learnt there is no right or wrong, it’s whatever works for you & this routine works for us.

On another note swimming is going really well. You are now going under water, you have a little cry but you love swimming. Your head is getting stronger and you are also becoming so much more alert. Your laugh is so big now, it makes mummy want to cry with happiness.

Talking about mummy’s happiness, I went on a night out to London and had a few drinks (7 to be precise) whilst grandma looked after you. I was a nervous wreck, my anxiety is starting to kick in, I’ve been nervous about leaving you for about 2 weeks. It’s not that I don’t trust other people, I just can’t help but worry. I think mum worry is a condition!? Anyway I went and had a great time. I’m still breastfeeding you, so I took my electric breast pump and expressed in the Waldorf toilet. I wasn’t wearing a feeding top so I ended up being half naked in the toilet. The pump makes such a loud errrr errrr errr sound, people must have thought – what the hell?! But needs must. Apparently when you have a drink it takes 1-2 hours per unit to clear from your system. So I had to wait about 12 hours before I could feed you next, luckily I expressed lots in advance. For the first time Daddy did the early morning feed! Result!!!

Now enough about mummy, back on to you. You might remember me telling you about your big head circumferences  and us being referred to Worthing hospital? Well turns out it’s hereditary (mummy has a mentally big head, but we will blame that one on daddy) and the doctor said it’s nothing to worry about. Oh my little one, you have come so far since your days on the special care unit. At 13 weeks you are now a healthy weight of 13lbs1oz and 61cm in height. I couldn’t be more proud!

All my love