Letter to our little girl…..

Only a week until your due date, and I thought I would take the time to tell you a bit about my pregnancy with you.

Finding out we were pregnant

Your Dad and I found out I was pregnant with you at the end of our honeymoon in Sri Lanka (It was a 3-4 week honeymoon). I had been really motion sick, and when I was a day late on my period I just knew! So we went to the local pharmacy, and bought 4 pregnancy tests, they were about 20p and like litmus tests so we couldn’t be entirely sure. So your Dad did one with me. Mine all positive and your Dad’s luckily came back negative. Not going to lie to you, I was petrified. Although you were planned, people had told me it would take 3-6 months to get pregnant and I suppose I wasn’t mentally prepared. Your Dad couldn’t believe all his dreams had come true, although he refused to get too excited until we got back to the UK and did a proper test. To our delight it was confirmed I was pregnant.

Then at 10 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding. I tried to stay calm, but I was an emotional wreck. The thought of loosing you made me realise how much I loved you. The doctor booked me a scan straight away at Worthing hospital, and to our delight everything was fine and we heard your little heart beat for the first time.

It’s a girl!

Me and your Dad were adamant you were a boy (there is still time, although we have bought everything pink so please don’t be a boy). So when the midwife told us at the 20 week scan you were a girl, it was a shock. Your Dad absolutely crapped himself, it was hilarious. ‘What am I going to do with a girl’ was his reaction. Then the next day he went out and bought you some clothes and your first bunny rabbit, and said you will be Daddy’s little girl and that you’ll both exclude me haha. Needless to say, he was over not having a boy and soooo ecstatic your a girl.

IMG_4869 (2).JPG

Your first movements

We were pretty worried, as you didn’t start moving until about 24 weeks. So if you are lazy, we knew from the start 🙂 . Once you started you didn’t stop. I am presuming your like your Dad and very long, as you completely fill up my stumpy stomach and kick me in every direction. When your Dad first felt you really kick, it was so funny he literally freaked out and jumped to the other side of the room. He couldn’t even cuddle me, because your kicks were so sporadic it scared him.

Preparing for your labour

Arghhhhhhh!!!!! It’s dawning on me, that anytime now I will need to go through the hideous pain that is labour in order to get you. I know you will be worth it. Your Dad will bring a sense of humour to the labour room if our NCT classes are anything to go by. When we were practising labour in our NCT class, he was supposed to be rubbing my back instead he was tickling my armpit. When I was supposed to be leaning on him (pretending I was having a contraction), he leaned on me and said it was instinct. A couple in our class said that we will laugh our baby out, and I am praying that it happens that way.

Not long now, can’t wait to meet you!






IMG_4869 (2).JPG